Help Friends and Families in Tough Times

Through a single online experience, supporters can direct their compassion with money, meals, and more.

Available at no cost. Easy setup by a friend or family member.

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Organize a family's full list of support needs


Crowdsource financial support for medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses.

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Organize meals, grocery needs, or send money for food.

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Lend a Hand

Create tasks, to-dos, and organize active support across a variety of needs.

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Powerful support capabilities, in one place.

Support needs change and evolve over time. Instead of an assortment of tools and technology to manage, SupportNow combines the best support functionality in one place.

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Without Clear Direction, Help Becomes Overwhelming

We don't always know what people need or how to help. Clear, consistent communication is just as much about directing supporters as it is about helping families.

Allow supporters to offer help and raise their hand, without expecting the family to have it all figured out.

Built for supporters to take the lead.

During challenging times, families struggle to know what they need or how to ask for help. We provide the first, supporter-led system for organizing all forms of help during tough times.

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Three Easy Steps

  • Create a Registry
  • Customize Needs
  • Spread the Word

Frequently Asked Questions

Create a Support Registry as soon as a need arises. The process is free, simple, and requires very little information to get started. Too soon is better than a flood of support arriving too late.

Common situations where people desire to help include: Illness, injury, sickness, grief, and loss of loved ones. Regardless of the situation, when support starts flowing, SupportNow provides the pipes to direct things in the right direction.

“You”. If you identify a family in need or someone going through tough times, take action. Our Support Registries come preinstalled with smart default settings, making it fast and easy for anyone who identifies a need to start the process.

Just because you create a Support Registry does not mean you have to manage it indefinitely. Organizers can be added and removed at any time.

It’s okay to start a Support Registry without knowing a family's exact needs. During tough times, it’s a notorious struggle of families and grievers to pause long enough or think clearly enough to acknowledge their complete list of needs.

The SupportNow Support Registry provides thoughtful default settings that allow support to be gathered and organized with limited information. As more information becomes available or the family is ready to take responsibility, organizers of the Support Registry can be easily added and removed at any time.

SupportNow is available at no cost. Our no cost commitment includes no upfront costs as well as none of the typical processing fees other platforms charge families.

CaringBridge is a wonderful communication tool. SupportNow is an entirely different product. Our goal is to mobilize support for families in tough times. It’s actionable whereas CaringBridge is largely informative.

Meals, groceries, and food are an important part of navigating tough times, but it represents a fraction of the total need. SupportNow provides more than meals. Families with an existing MealTrain can integrate into our experience and benefit from receiving financial and volunteer support needs as well.

GoFundMe is a short-term, financial campaign. SupportNow provides more than money. Public, timebound fundraising campaigns have their place in certain situations, but support extends over long periods of time and goes beyond financial goals and campaign-based fundraising. We allow GoFundMe campaigns to display within our broad portfolio of options for supporters. Our Support Registry facilitates a family’s needs long after a GoFundMe page expires.

Start today and help your family and friends.

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