Sharing the struggles and stories of supporters showing up for families in tough times.

SupportNow Press Kit


SupportNow helps supporters provide relief to families in tough times.

Through a single online experience, supporters can direct their compassion in meaningful ways as they:

  • Give Money
  • Send Meals
  • Receive Updates
  • Lend a Hand

SupportNow is the pipes through which support flows. Whether families need money, meals, or more specific needs, SupportNow allows supporters and families to customize their care.

Talking Points

SupportNow is an ad-free experience, offering a dignified alternative to the banner ads and billboard style marketing of current support sites.

Our Support Registry is provided at no cost to grievers and provides an easy way for families to receive 100% of the intended gift amount. At every turn, SupportNow is family-first.

Support needs are broader and last longer than most resources allow.

When life is shattered into a thousand pieces, the needs that arise are often just as numerous. Typical support shows up in black and white, but trauma, pain, and hardship exist in technicolor.
We help supporters engage a full range of support needs to have a deeper impact in families’ lives, immediately and over the long-term.

Most people aren’t properly equipped to show up during tough times.

Confusion around how and where to help often results in people doing nothing.

Unstructured and haphazard attempts to stay organized quickly add to the overwhelm families feel. Imagine if the same outpouring of assistance we offered for weddings, childbirth, graduations, and other seasons of celebration was available during hard times too.

Whether chipping in money, sending meals, or lending a hand to help, we guide supporters through the most compassionate ways to provide relief.

Society requires too much from overwhelmed families.

During challenging times, families may not know how to ask for help. We provide the first, supporter-led system for organizing all forms of help during tough times. Our unique approach minimizes the impact on families by prompting supporters to take thoughtful action long before a family knows their needs.

Regardless of the situation, we understand family, friends, and loved ones will seek expressions of care and support. We make sure those expressions are organized and available whenever the family is ready to receive them.

Support is about more than meals and money.

Whether prayer, help around the house, childcare, or other practical requests, SupportNow adapts to needs as they change over time without the need for multiple tools or spreadsheets.
When specific needs aren’t listed, supporters are encouraged to offer a hand, which includes a collection of common needs most families want.

As needs become known, supporters raise their hand to volunteer. In response, families maintain authority by approving each offer.

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