We provide the pipes for support to flow

SupportNow allows supporters to help families in tough times. Through a single online experience, supporters can direct their compassion in meaningful ways.

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Current tools require too much setup and customization from struggling, overwhelmed families. We allow supporters to handle it.

Sustainable Support

Support usually includes 2-3 expressions over 2-3 weeks. Actual needs are more comprehensive and last much longer.

A Simple System

There are tools, resources, and systems for the happy times of life… but none for tough times. We fill the gap.

How It Started

Founded in 2021 by Scott and Jordan. We have all been there, wanting to help others but unsure how. SupportNow helps communities provide relief to families in tough times.

Meet the Team

Scott Arogeti

Founder & CEO

Jordan Arogeti

Founder & COO

Morgan Lopes

Chief Technology Officer

Anna Studdard

Head of Customer Support

Mónica Jiménez

Technical Project Manager

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