Better pricing,
plain and simple.

Fees are overrated. 100% of your donation goes to the family when supporters Roundup - we don't take a cut.

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SupportNow is FREE

It's free for families, supporters, and volunteers... that's everyone.

No fee to create a
Support Registry


There is no fee to start or manage any Support Registries.

Support contributions
are optional


When supporters give, they are given the option to Roundup to cover costs. When they Roundup, the family keeps 100% of the gift amount.

One low transaction fee
(only if no Roundup)


Unique to SupportNow, the transaction fee is only deducted when supporters choose not to Roundup.
2.7% is the lowest in the industry

The Best Math in the Industry

Free is hard to beat.

If supporters give*
* and Roundup to cover fees

Beneficiary receives


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