In Support of The Dunn Family

This Support Registry is dedicated to assisting the Dunn family as they navigate the challenges following Myles's recent diagnosis of DLG4-related synaptopathy. As the family gradually learns more about Myles's unique needs, they recognize that these needs may evolve over time. 

One of the key focuses for the Dunn family has been contributing to research, which remains a paramount priority. Their goal is to support scientific endeavors in finding the most effective treatments for Myles. Please note that you can do so on Myles' donation page here:

This page is also a resource for those who wish to help but might be unsure of the best way to do so. It keeps everyone informed about the family's ongoing needs and circumstances.

This Support Registry is built to give clear direction to everyone who wants to help the family.

Whether you’re willing to give money, send meals, or lend a hand, your support makes a real difference.

Those who would like to help the family can:

  1. Choose from Support Registry options
  2. ‘Share’ to Spread the Word to family and friends
  3. ‘Follow’ Updates to stay informed

Thank you.

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Myles Dunn

Organized by Ariella Kaplan, Myles Dunn, and Michael Dunn.


Keep up to date as needs change.

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Support Registry

Browse all the options to help, in one place.

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