In Support of Senior Citizen Abused and Exploited By Caregiver

One  Evening I received a Phone call and photographs that Turned My Stomach. A Very Close Friend (I called him my Adopted Dad) of the Family was found in Deplorable conditions. He is 89 We subsequently learned that his "Caretaker" had stolen all his Valuables, Wrecked his Car, and Accessed his Bank account, leaving him unable to pay his Bills.

We learned that he had not had any Heart or Blood Pressure Medicine in over 90 days. His House was Rife with Canine Feces to the extent the People checking on him got ill from the smells.

Luckily 3 yrs ago when his Partner passed away, He signed over a Durable Power of Attorney to me, Just In Case.

I immediately faxed a copy of my POA to his Bank and a Trusted Friend in Trinity. We found out His Daughter who died 19 months ago transferred the Property to her name. No one bothered to Pay his Taxes, which as of December  2nd 2023 came to $21,900 in arrears. These MUST be paid by April 15th 2024 or he will lose his home.

We were able to get him an Emergency Admission to the Hospital and finally got his Medicine Stabilized. Also trying to raise funds to hire a State Certified Caregiver (SS will pay 50% with his VA benefits.)

Any Help you can give, even Pocket Change will help.

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Mark Roland

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  • Created Dec 25, 2023
  • Illness

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