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hi everyone, it breaks my heart that during this holiday season , an amazing young women is going through so much and she deserves better. Her name is Dee and she is currently DV surviver, she has 4 beautiful children ages 15.11,6,4 .she chose to stand up for self and children and instead of catching a break things went down hill for her. Her car broke down to the extent that she can't fix it , which caused her to lose her job where she traveled back and fourth 45 mins . She barely surviving to pay her bills , but she is humble that all she worries about if she be able to provide some normality for the holidays for 4 children. She just wants to be able to provide a good food and a couple simple presents for her kids and to show them that through the pain and suffering they have encounter , that their mother will always be there . But now it's Dec and she is losing faith, and tonight was telling me that maybe if she would just kept her mouth shut , she would be in better situations today . So I decided to show her that she made the right choice . God bless your hearts and please help me make this family have a beautiful Christmas 

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Santia Martinez

Organized by Sara Ramos and Santia Martinez.


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  • Created Dec 04, 2023
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Browse all the options to help, in one place.

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