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Hello family and friends! I hope you're all doing well. Unfortunately, I broke my foot on May 27. Because of this, I can’t drive or put any weight on my foot for the next 10 weeks. I usually stay busy and love being active, but now I have to slow down and stay home. It’s driving me a bit stir crazy, and I really need some help around the house, rides to a few local places, walks with Roger, and visits with friends. There are many ways you can support me during this time. I’ve set up a Support Registry where you can sign up to help around the house or take me and Roger for a walk. You can also offer to drive me to appointments and local places I long to go. Your visits will mean a lot to me, keeping my spirits up and helping me pass the time. Here’s how you can help:

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Thank you so much for your love and support!

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Organized by Annette Dale.

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Volunteer for errands, childcare, or other needs.

  • Created Jun 19, 2024
  • Emergencies or Major Accident

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Browse all the options to help, in one place.

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