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I need help getting my life started. When I was in middle school, during my 8th grade eog testing and drivers permit courses I was having spinal surgery. They placed two rods on either side of my spine, screwed them in, sewed me shut, and had me out the door in give days. I missed testing, the school I went to said I made good enough grades to send me on ti highschool with no retest. My family was one in poverty. This made it impossible for me to catch up and I haven't been able to since. I have no license to drive, no mode of transportation. I stay hungry, I'm living without power (7years now). I desperately need some help getting up out of this dark place I'm in. I want a better life and am not unwilling to work for it. It has been one struggle after another without much progress. I know if I could just get a toe hold I could take off from there. I sincerely appreciate any and all help offered. Please, any suggestions or questions are welcome.

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Andrea Morrow

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