Reach Out Campaign with Phoenix Roasters and SupportNow

Reach out to a family or friend going through a tough time.

At SupportNow, we're excited to announce our partnership with Phoenix Roasters – a collaboration that's all about extending a hand of friendship and support. We all know someone navigating the rough waters of illness, medical treatments, or the loss of a loved one. It's times like these when a simple gesture of support can mean the world.

Let's come together to show up for those in need, reminding them that they're not alone in their journey.

The Power of Coffee in Connecting Hearts

Coffee has always been more than just a beverage; it's a medium that fosters deep connections. Whether it's shared across the kitchen table, during a break at the office, or in the cozy corner of a local coffee shop, coffee brings us closer.

Now, with every cup of Phoenix Roasters coffee, that connection deepens.

In partnership with SupportNow, every purchase of Phoenix Roasters' coffee comes with a special, free gift – a token that's perfect for sharing. Available through their retail locations in Atlanta and ecommerce website, this extra gift is our way of helping you extend warmth and support to someone who could use it.

Whether it's a friend grappling with health issues, someone mourning a loss, or just a loved one who could use a pick-me-up, a thoughtful gesture like this can go a long way.

Beyond Coffee: Ways to Show You Care

In challenging times, small acts of kindness can have a big impact. Here are some additional ways to show up for a friend in need:

  • Create a FREE Support Registry: Organize and address their specific needs through SupportNow's Support Registry. This platform allows you to coordinate support in various forms, be it monetary assistance, meal deliveries, or volunteering opportunities, ensuring your friend receives the help they need most. Start a Support Registry here.

  • Personalized Care Packages: Put together a care package with items that cater to their interests or needs – books, comforting snacks, or wellness products. You can order something prepackaged or assemble something of your own.

  • Offer Your Time: Sometimes, the gift of time is the most valuable. Offer to run errands, accompany them to appointments, or just be there to listen. Many people going through challenging seasons recount the impact of a friend offering to go for a walk.

  • Send Encouraging Messages: A text, a card, or an email to check in and share words of encouragement can make a big difference. In the early days surrounding a situation, there is likely a surge of these gestures but they fall away quickly.

Remember, whether through a cup of coffee or a helping hand, every action counts. It's about letting someone know they’re not alone, especially during the tough times. With SupportNow and Phoenix Roasters, every sip is a reminder of the strength found in community and compassion.

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  • Published: Dec 11, 2023
  • Last Updated: Dec 12, 2023

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