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I am truly amazed at the strength of our "Shooby Dooby". She has been so level headed throughout this entire ordeal. Of course, she has had her moments of pain and sadness. However, she does not allow herself to stay in those emotions. We give her space to "feel" what she feels. Miya always chooses LIFE!

She decided that she would not go through the fear of waiting for all of her hair to fall out - she decided to have her head shaved. Then she asked that we join her in her "announcement" video. Miya had us dancing and laughing! She also decided to create a Vlog of her journey out of cancer. It has been so fantastic! She wants to create videos for other children and their families who suffer cancer, in order to help them find joy and peace. Amazing!

Click here for her videos! (5) The Shoob Effect - YouTube

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Auntie M

So Godly proud of our Shooby for always choosing LIFE and her courageous attitude and FAITH through all of this. She's so daggum tough, and we can all take a lesson or two from her! Thank you for Sharing her healing journey with us all! A true testament to our one and true living God! I Love You All!
  • about 2 months ago