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There’s Still Time to Send Your Mail!

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Thank you for the precious words of encouragement and favorite scriptures you have mailed for Em!

I wanted to remind you there's still time to send yours in before her next Chemo treatment next Wednesday, June 19. I plan on compiling them in a beautiful way so she can keep on her nightstand in the days of exhausting recovery back home. 

You'll never know how much it makes her smile when she hears a kind word from a friend -- old or new, near and far. There is no message unread and is a constant reminder that she is not alone, but rather has a whole cheering section helping encourage her in these physically and emotionally tolling days. 

So if you would like to mail her a note - nothing fancy! - please text me (her sister, Stephanie Britt Datnoff) at 256-962-3168 and I will send you my address to make sure yours is included!

It's the little gestures in life that mean so much and I am so thankful for your help! 🩵

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