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Hey friends,

Tomorrow we are heading back to the hospital to wrap up Wesley's last round of chemo. We know that he will receive chemo for 6-7 days, but the plan after that is unclear as we know the doctor's have plans for further testing/scans, bone marrow biopsies and he will have another surgery to get his port removed once he is cleared. He is getting the same regimen as the last round, his body tolerated it really well with very minimal side effects. We are praying for a similar experience this round!

We had a fabulous time at home the past two weeks. Wesley was able to go back to school for a few days, get the royal treatment from the Savannah Bananas and just be a kiddo.

Please be in prayer with us for complete healing, comfort and peace over Wesley's body and mind. Wisdom and endurance as we navigate returning to "normal" as none of us will be the same after this experience.

Thank you for being our village, we could not have walked this road alone.

Much love,

The Petersons 

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Your Savannah Good Shepherd prayer team is praying faithfully for all of you. We know that the Lord has this and He is holding Wesley and your precious family close. He walks with you every step of the way. Much love from Him and us! So happy it's been a good two weeks...a true blessing. ✝️. 🙏 💜 Purple heart of courage for Wesley!
  • 26 days ago