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Safe Arrival at Dover Air Force Base

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Meredith and the girls arrived safely in Dover late yesterday evening. A foundation called Raider Air, the aviation arm of the Brothers in Arms Foundation coordinated for a private jet to be dedicated for the flight – at no cost to the family.

This Gulfstream 550 took the family from Honolulu, direct to Dover in under 9 hours! While onboard, the foundation provided snacks, toys, dolls, backpacks, and activities to keep the girls occupied. There was a foldout couch for naptime, meal service, and reclining seats! Ellie even got to fly the plane – the pilots and crew were exceptional.

The family is staying at the Fisher House located on Dover Air Force Base. The Fisher House Foundation has lodging facilities located near military and VA medical facilities and typically house military families whose loved ones are under going medical procedures. The one located on Dover Air Force base is utilized specifically for families of loved ones who have fallen as they await the Dignified Transfer.

Mission BBQ brought over a massive spread (for free!) to feed the family. The support from Raider Air (, Fisher House (, and Wingman Foundation ( has been incredible.

If you’d like a practical way to support Mere and the girls through this, consider donating to these organizations as they spare no expense to ensure the families are taken care of through this difficult time.

Thank you for all of your prayers!!

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