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Alex update 1-30-24. We finally got a bit of good news! Alex no longer has swelling going on in his head and his labs and x-rays looked better than yesterday. They think they have finally figured out the right medicines for his treatment. If he continues to trend the right direction they are going to start trying to wing him off the ventilator again and hopelly remove it at some point this weekend. Once that happens he will still be in ICU for a few days while they monitor him but if everything goes as planned he will be transferred to a regular room and once he can tolerate room oxygen for 24-48 hours they will start talking about releasing him. We are still looking at about another week or so here at the earliest but we are just relieved we finally got some answers and good news. We appreciate all the prayers and help from everyone. Please continue to pray that Alex keeps going in the right direction and that he is able to come off the ventilator this weekend.

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